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Commercial painting companies

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Partido Verde News

April 23, 2013 | Author admin


With your permission Sen. President

Comrades Senators.

The forests of our country are key natural resources, currently 33 percent of the national area has these ecosystems. Which give us various environmental services, such as groundwater recharge, the shelter animals and plants, climate regulation and carbon sequestration, the latter two fundamental for combating climate change.

Unfortunately, one of the environmental issues currently of most concern in the international community is deforestation.

According to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the main causes of the loss of forests and jungles in Mexico are the agricultural activities, followed by illegal deforestation and forest fires. Thus, these are the causes that must be fought on a priority basis by the Mexican government, responsible for ensuring the right of all people to a healthy environment for their development and well-being, in terms of article four of the Constitution.

Forest fires have contributed to the deterioration of natural resources, economic losses and have even to loss of life.

According to the National Forestry Commission, only 2 percent of forest fires are caused by natural causes, with the remaining 98 percent caused by man; of these, it is noteworthy that 15 percent is caused by fires and 10 percent of cigarette waste.

So far this year, there have been nearly 6000 forest fires, more than 115 thousand hectares of national involvement. Looking at the trends of the last fire season, at the end of this year would have been affected equivalent to 361 Chapultepec Forest or 245,000 football fields forest area.

Wildfires bring destruction of biodiversity and pollution of water, soil and the atmosphere, the effects remain for many years or are even impossible to repair, with incalculable economic and natural losses.

For decades, Mexico has been developing a comprehensive strategy for prevention and control of forest fires, through the National Fire Protection Program, in which institutions from the three levels of government and civil society.

However, efforts have been insufficient to prevent, so it is necessary to set stricter conduct relating to the underlying causes punishment still being accidental.

Considering the value of forests and jungles, this initiative aims to increase the legal protection of the forest resources of Mexico, through the following reforms:

First, the criminal law to punish the invasion of forest land have been burned, and public servants that any authorization granted in this land, establishing both behaviors as felonies.

Second, the General Law on Sustainable Forest Development in order to:

Prohibit the granting of any authorization in burned forest land; Empower the Federal Executive to enact prohibitions regarding forest land burned, and especially and most importantly increase the penalties for causing forest fires.

That’s all, Mr. Chairman.
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Pepe Calzada and State News

Topping Governor and his wife Unveiling of the Foundation Stone of the Casa Hogar del Ciego Queretano
Wednesday, June 4, 2014

This day, the State Governor José Calzada Rovirosa Albarran and his wife Sandra Calzada, led the unveiling of the foundation stone of the House for the Blind Queretano Home, located in San José El Alto, the capital of Queretaro, which provide care 120 people in this sector and the elderly.

There, the State President said the work he has done over 11 years the Founding President of the Union of Disabled Querétaro, Alfredo Fernández Blandina, who, he explained, is an effort of solidarity for the queretana society.

The Chief Executive said he will seek in this Casa Hogar citizens to participate, through the State DIF System “for those who want to donate can do so without any problems, on the contrary, for they know that their resources are well worked well engaged, well invested in an action for a noble cause. ”

Finally, Governor José Calzada Rovirosa endorsed the support of his administration to the quality of life of families of Queretaro.

“Today is a major holiday in which we step forward precisely to ensure the quality of life of our people and show our affection,” the State President.

The Founding President of the Union of Disabled IAP Querétaro, Blandina Alfredo Fernandez de Lara, said that this will be the first Casa Hogar shelter and school to be attending visually impaired, blind and elderly.

“I want to thank them all and hope this is for good; I hope people will help us, the blind need the support of all the people, “he said.

It should be mentioned that the Casa Hogar seeks to provide care and quality of life for students and seniors, in performing activities of daily living and job training to blind and visually impaired.

This institution will provide support for blind, visually impaired older adults through education, psychological therapy, mobility and job training that gives them tools to achieve their goals.

Also present: Secretary of Planning and Finance, Germán Bonilla Giordano; Director General of the State DIF, María Eugenia Well Zúñiga; General Coordinator of the Program Solutions, Fausto Foyo Retana; Regional Solutions Program Coordinator, Isabel Llamas Macias; Delegate SEDESOL in the State, Manuel Pozo Cabrera; President of the Union of Disabled IAP Querétaro, Mariano Cruz Martínez; Delegate of Epigmenio González, Ricardo Ortega Pacheco, among others.

Author: Social Communication
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Pepe Calzada and Querétaro News

Governor José Calzada takes protest to the Board of CANIRAC
Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The State Governor José Calzada Rovirosa, swore to the Board of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Spicy Food (CANIRAC) Delegation Querétaro, whom he encouraged to continue working with quality and warm service they provide to citizens to strengthen the tourism sector in the state.

“To be better we need to be in constant contact with our people, with the waiters, the waiters; in short, the people who give service to these important instruments of economic development in our state.

He noted: “We’re close to our business, we personally heed to our people, we warm to people who enter our restaurants, hotels entering, making strong tourism sector in our state.”

The State President said that to maintain standards of competitiveness that has Querétaro, you should go for the impulse engine development for the future.

In this regard, Governor José Calzada said that medical tourism will be strengthened from the construction of the Health City, which in turn affects a generation of economic benefit to the entity.

“We presented the project of the trust with the Ministry of Finance; is already working on the governing program what will this city of health, and is already working on some schemes to be precisely the civil society to decide the proper use and the fate of the land that will be hosting this city ​​health. ”

The State Chief Executive, highlighted the work they have done the business sector and tourism services in the state, with a growth of 15 percent per year held and the contribution it makes 21 percent of GDP to entity and the creation of jobs that positively impacts the economic stability of Querétaro.

“The Ministry of Tourism we mentioned that the performance and growth of tourism in Querétaro was 3 times faster than what the national average; only so far the administration has in our state aperturate 69 hotels with nearly 3,000 rooms, this is the size of the dynamism of this sector, “said Governor José Calzada.

The Secretary of Tourism, Mauricio Salmon Franz said: “the development of tourism in the destinations, not only depends on the development of public policies depends above all the collective involvement of society and the establishment of clear plans and systems quality, so the importance of the restaurant industry. ”

According to INEGI statistics, at the end of 2012 this sector employs almost 6 per cent of the economically active population “must be given a date (…) because the restaurants that have opened here in Querétaro, and I think it rose to 10 percent, “said State Official.

And that: “Now the tourists travel to see what they do, so they have to be constantly updated.”

Therefore, the President of the CANIRAC Delegation Querétaro, Eduardo Parra Cubells, announced that among its work plan a Training Center and Culinary Education and Services will be built Tourist-up now would be the only nationally-, in order to professionalize the industry members.

“A school building to train chefs, waiters, cashiers, hostess, washing slabs, ballet parking; all staff have to do with service restaurants and hotels; also include a fourth hotel to provide support to the hospitality industry; Organic gardening to teach our staff to harvest vegetables and aromatic herbs; building will be 100 percent sustainable energy and water; will have a nursery that works in times you really need all parents and mothers who work in our industry and the delivery of courses. ”

And it Cubells De la Parra made ​​it clear: “Governor, you have taught us that in Queretaro think big, so our guild, the service and tourism should also think big”, hence the insistence have this training center and update.

The CANIRAC Is committed to being an efficient camera, supported by its affiliates and able to respond to the challenges currently facing the country, the industry and each company in particular, to act as a real space for consultation, assistance, training and defense.

Were present for this inauguration: the General Delegation Vice CANIRAC Querétaro, Sergio Salmon Franz; founder and member of the Delegation CANIRAC Querétaro, Pedro González Rivas; the Secretary of the Delegation CANIRAC Querétaro, Felipe Muñoz Ordóñez; Vice affiliations CANIRAC Delegation Querétaro, Ivan Olvera Pegueros; the Legal Vice CANIRAC Delegation Querétaro, Hidalgo and Eduardo Chavez Treasurer CANIRAC Delegation Querétaro, Antonio Torres Rico.

Author: Social Communication
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Gobernador José Calzada and State News

Governor and titular head of SEDESOL delivery of National Crusade Against Hunger
Tuesday, June 17, 2014

“Querétaro is the number one state for you, for the strength of our people,” said the State Governor José Calzada Rovirosa, during the delivery of works and actions of the “National Crusade Against Hunger,” in which was present Federal Ministry of Social Development, Rosario Robles Berlanga.

In this context, the State President said that the National Crusade Against Hunger is a federal program that provides care to Queretaro on the issues of greatest impact on the quality of life of people.

“I’ve always said that the fundamental task of a public servant in this case we assume it as their own, (…) is to improve the quality of life of people and are committed to be working on a permanent basis to address the most important problems” said.

Governor José Calzada Rovirosa recalled that his administration is working under a three-fold: water, electricity and solid floor, which seeks to provide these services to 100 percent of queretanos inhabitants.

So, ‘he explained thanks to federal, state and municipal programs, Queretaro has 98.5 percent coverage of electricity in homes, which places it as the state with the largest distribution of electricity in the country.

“We are very keen to work in the homes queretanos water is flat and firm way, we will fine. (…) I know the needs are many, but I also know a very important thing, that just as we started the message that in Querétaro the strength of the people is the strength of women, we hope that you continue to support us, to continue helping their families who remain committed to oust Mexico forward, “he said.

For its part, the Ministry of Social Development, Rosario Robles Berlanga, said that according to statistics CONEVAL (National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy) “Queretaro is better, less poor, is within the five states with less poverty in the country and that is thanks to his Governor job, “he said.

He added that the National Crusade Against Hunger Program, 20 thousand families in Querétaro have the card “Hunger”, which stores the DICONSA exchanged for 14 commodities for food and better nutrition.

“In the National Crusade Against Hunger is not just what we are doing, but how you’re doing, and we’re doing it with people, from below, with committees and here are present, they are ensuring that these works truly I do, that the works reach those who really need it, “he said.

Finally, Rosario Robles said the Federal Program National Crusade Against Hunger and implemented in seven municipalities of Querétaro, in order to provide care to a greater number of people in the state.

“This we deliver is not pocket any of us, this comes from the pocket of all Mexicans, are the taxes that all we do is manage them and ensure that they reach those in need,” he said.

Finally, the delegate in the State SEDESOL, Manuel Pozo Cabrera said the Programme National Crusade Against Hunger is a strategy to combat poverty, particularly extreme food shortages.

Also announced that in Querétaro just over a year of starting this program, have invested about two thousand 100 million pesos in each of the localities of the two municipalities with the crusade began.

“The was convened today to redouble efforts and that from today we continue changing stories, continue moving to Mexico,” he said.

Also present: Local Deputy Gilberto Nunez Pedraza; General Coordinator of the Program Solutions, Fausto Foyo Retana; General Coordinator of the National Campaign Against Hunger, Araceli García Rico; the Mayor of Querétaro, Roberto Loyola Vera; the Mayor of Columbus, Alejandro Arteaga Cabrera; beneficiaries and the general public.
Author: Social Communication
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Eruviel Ávila

n the past month have invested 27 billion in the State of Mexico
03/09/2013 Source: Office of Media and Communication

• Investments disclosed since late July and in August will generate a total of over 55,000 jobs.

Toluca, Mexico, September 3, 2013 -. Governor Eruviel Ávila Villegas stressed that product favorable business climate that exists in the State of Mexico, in the last month attracted about 27 billion pesos in different works and projects that will increase the productivity of the company and generate more than 55,000 jobs.

“The State of Mexico is growing in its productivity, its economy, creating jobs, and although in the world have serious economic problems in Mexico and, of course, in the State of Mexico, working with the support of federal government, the conditions exist for us to have a very good business climate. Thus, the competitiveness of the State of Mexico and productivity will rise, “he said.

So, he said, the state is currently one of the most important economic engines in the country, and one of every 10 pesos in Mexico is generated by businesses and mexiquenses workers, so the government entity works with view that the best social policy is economic policy.

Therefore, Eruviel Avila noted that only in the last month managed to attract investments for the following projects:

– Servant of the Nation Highway in Ecatepec, 4000 investment of 500 million pesos.

– Logistics platform Arco Mexico State 57 north, investment 2000 400 million 25 thousand pesos and labor sources.

– Mexipuerto Cuatro Caminos in Naucalpan, a thousand 141 million pesos, 4000 to generate 300 jobs.

– Extension of the Centre for Advanced Competency Bosch, with investment of $ 300 million and creating 500 2000 labor sources.

– Construction of Toluca Galleries by Liverpool, with 300 million 3000 pesos, 5000 offering 700 jobs.

– Expansion of production, manufacture, export and marketing of personal care products, cleaning and food, UNILEVER, plus increased Lerma and Tultitlán plants representing an investment of 3 billion 100 million pesos, which originate 2000 300 jobs .

– Construction of department stores and a distribution center for Wal-Mart, with investment of 3 billion pesos will generate 500 jobs 4000.

– Construction of industrial parks Lerma Park and San Martin Obispo I and II, the latter in Cuautitlan Izcalli, 2000 with investment of 790 million pesos and the creation of 10 000 working places.

– Armed Chinese articulated with German technology and for export to Canada, in the town of Zumpango, Transmasivo by the company, with an investment of $ 150 million buses.

– Extension of Daimler plant in Santiago Tianguistenco, with investment of $ 45 million, creating 200 new addition to the existing 700 thousand jobs.

Eruviel Ávila said that in this way helps to democratize productivity as established by the President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto, to create opportunities in all regions promoting a good climate for investment, because it develops more and better infrastructure, is increases competitiveness and jobs are created, resulting in greater social welfare and quality of life for families.
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Gobernador Eruviel Ávila

Created Mexiquense Care Council for Gender Violence and Femicide
10/09/2013 Source: Office of Media and Communication

• Governor Eruviel Ávila swore the members of this body, which will help raise the efficiency, transparency, and results of the public officials responsible for the investigation of such crimes.

• stressed that thanks to the new protocols of the Attorney General of mexiquense Justice, from 2011 to date have solved 107 of the 133 registered cases of femicide.

Toluca, Mexico, September 10, 2013 -. Taking protest to the members of the Council for the Care Mexiquense of Gender Violence and Femicide, Governor Eruviel Ávila Villegas explained that this body, composed of representatives of various agencies of state government , civil associations, NGOs and representatives from academia, reverse the violence against women in the state, by monitoring, reviewing and monitoring the work of the assigned to the areas responsible for investigating crimes related to violence, officials gender.

“As governor, also a son, a father of two daughters, I have always expressed my condemnation of any act that threatens the physical or emotional health of women. We will continue working closely with the federal government, with the government headed by Mr. Enrique Peña Nieto to transform Mexico and move towards a future where no girl or woman is discriminated against or abused. We will be very attentive to the observations, recommendations, proposals following this advice, I reiterate that I have the full support of the Government of the State of Mexico, and particularly of his friend the governor to carry out successfully this important responsibility “he emphasized.

In the Hall of the People in the Government Palace, Eruviel Avila said that the members of this council will visit and monitor where prosecutors investigations related to these crimes are dealt agencies; may issue and make policy recommendations arising from such monitoring to improve service, in addition to designing schemes and awareness training for staff in these areas.

Accompanied by the attorney general, Miguel Angel Nieto Contreras, the Mexican governor said the woman is a pillar on which the welfare and development of the whole society is built, and indicated that, in addition to legal measures required cultural change, which can be done by implementing policies designed and evaluated with the participation of civil associations.

Eruviel Avila said in the State of Mexico, thanks to the training and actions as the Action Protocol for the Investigation of the Crime of Femicide in PGJEM, 2011 to date, have been resolved 107 of the 133 cases of femicide, is say 80 percent of all cases, in addition to being presented the initiative to life in prison to punish those guilty of this crime.

Also, we have obtained 55 high penalty convictions between 40 and 70 years in prison for acts of this type; was launched on the first Justice Center for Women in Toluca, with adequate facilities for crisis management, therapy spaces and toy library, and created 22 units of Care for Women, among other actions promoted by the government of state.

He said, according to the National Survey on the Dynamics of Household Relationships 2011 in Mexico, 46 percent of women aged 15 or more has suffered a violent incident from their partner, and noted that the recent study by the UN Women, indicates that Mexico has been a pioneer in Latin America in legislation to address this problem, thanks to the coordinated efforts of federal and municipal, state, who have made ​​great efforts to eradicate discrimination, inequality, physical and psychological abuse against women.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor Miguel Angel Contreras said the struggle for recognition of the rights of men and women have new challenges today, so we felt that the creation of this council represents another link in a set of actions to protect the State of Mexico, and expressed support to improve and strengthen the role of the Attorney General in the investigation of these crimes.

In the event the President of the High Court of Justice of the entity, Baruch Carbajal attended Delgado; the general director of Mainstreaming Gender at the National Institute of Women, Maria Guadalupe Diaz Estrada; specialist in gender statistics UN Women, Maria de la Paz López Barajas; President of the Political Coordination Board of the State Legislature, Aaron Bedolla Urbina; the municipal president of Toluca, Martha Hilda González Calderón; Secretaries of Public Safety and Social Development, and Elizabeth Rocío Ríos Vilchis Alonso Pérez; President of the Human Rights Commission of the State of Mexico, Marco Antonio Morales Gómez; mayors, local and federal representatives, and other officials and members of civil associations.
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